20 more Covid Timeline Ops, DJ-jamma-friends from the birthday party.


The Gods found a new ticker infected with 678 timelines, 610-629 with DJ-matum-friend from the birthday party.

DJ-matum Last night (24 January 64.) the Bangkok Public Relations Office revealed 20 more timelines for Covid infection,

most of them in the United States.D has a history of previous infections.

As of yesterday (24 January 64.) the new outbreak of Kovid 19 has brought together 678 people and from the infectious disease investigation.Until June 23, 64 (657)

was a foreigner at Admit Hospital in the county of 147 and a person in the county of 510.

The infection in the country is mostly due to previous patient contact, previous visits to the entertainment/community facilities,

and market surveillance.The company and the community.

Timeline, 609 down, today there’s Timeline, an infected person in the department, who’s been interrogating and completing 20 more.

20 Timeline Details Below

However,the reporting of a medical investigation will report irrelevant information to a person before consent is obtained from the owner of the information.According to P.D. 2558 article 10.

However,in the 610th case, probably the timeline of the DJ matome, along with the others, there was a group of friends who attended the birthday party in…a fancy hotel in the middle of town

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