BTS also allows you to take the green line, expand the extension to 25

allows last week’s 8th P.D. Knight of the City, the Governor of Bangkok, signed a declaration in Bangkok on the allocation of the green line railway project with the content of a promotion of the price of the green line train, which is 104 baht higher than the green line.

Latest today (January 16, 2010) The Bangkok Public Transport (BTSC) operator, the company in the group BTS Holding (BTS) revealed that according to Bangkok’s announcement, the delay in the collection of green line train fares is continuing.The route between 25 stations, so this is Doctor’s Station (N8)-Cookt Station (N24) 16 stations and Biennial Station (E14)-Chemistry Station (E23) 9 stations.

However, those traveling on a ticket, Rabbit’s card, non-stop, non-refundable (but with a minimum of 15 baht) and one-way ticket, press the free ticket as soon as it’s in the vending machine.

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