General, stay out of jail! The police have bail on three counts.


The police bailed out “Uncle General” for a hundred grand after three counts of building a pine forest.

27 January 64. after questioning the general, building the future, preserving the forest for more than six hours.Last page, the general was bailed out in an interrogation class for a billion dollars.

For that matter, the Gutum police have issued three charges against

the General for being guilty according to the D.C.National Guard Section 14 of

the National Guard used land for the wrong purpose, which degrades

the state of the forest by trespassing on land not exceeding 25 farms

sentenced to one to ten years in prison for the crime.

The Feds, articles 54 and 55, build a scaffold

and own a scaffolded forest with a 2- to 15-year prison sentence.

After questioning and bail

the general revealed that he had to deny part of the money he spent on it.One billion bail

the product that you are presenting is the one that transfers that amount of money.

tomorrow (28 January 64.) it is reported that the general will make a statement on the case.The charges are dropped at approximately 11:00 a.

Hold on! “Uncle General” fuse snapped, Mike punched a loud reporter in the back between the woods and the area.

Figuring out the past “do” a couple of reporters in the “hit-up” case, taken away by Mike-hit-hit, used to be an old boxer.

Set up an apology desk for the journalist, accept the mood, and I won’t shut down the press.

Get on the ground, pood. Someone claiming to be the governor is telephoning the press, calling 25,000 baht.

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