Hmm-hmm. He used his cell phone to take pictures of the future in the middle of the temple.

Hmm-hmm. The villagers watched the news of a photo of the future god appearing in the middle of the temple on the secretary of the Golden Tub, warning the people not to be drunk, pointing out that it was inappropriate and not a business of the nuns.

The reporter reported that after a presentation at the Karaam Temple, the Golden Bowl Saint Chiyo used his cell phone to capture a flash-like image claiming that the future had come up.The mid-water area, while walking through the temple for the past three months, and finding traces of a similar eyewitness in the vicinity of the well.

There was so much criticism that the press had to go into the area to prove when they went to the temple that there wasn’t a single monk at the temple, and they had to take a test.The priest said that both the monk and the monk had traveled to the new province since last night.

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