Hurry! Crassit head shut down 12 schools- a small children’s center after the COVID-19

(14th p. 64) Pagebook “Crassit City” Posts a message stating that the Crisis City Council has closed down all 12 of its schools due to the outbreak of the Corona 2019 (COVID-19) virus since Monday, February 15-19, and February 2564.

In the process of shutting down the institution, conduct online teaching and have parents and students strictly follow state control measures if they have a history of traveling in dangerous areas or of touching a group of high-risk people, detain them, and report to the authorities, investigating the spread of the disease over time.

a place of study in the City of Crassit

Children’s Hospital, Fate Service and Children’s Development Center.

School of Crisis, Rutgosintr and the Children’s Development Center.

Children’s schools, godmothers, and children’s development centers.

Children’s schools, godmothers, and children’s development centers.

Children’s school, the Primate School and the Children’s Development Center.

Intelligence school and the Ocean Children’s Development Center.

The Children’s Development Center is a superstitious institution.

The school of the school of evil.

Cranzite High School.

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