I can’t catch it. My son’s mad at me, naked chasing after a cop.

I can’t A crazy son smashed his mother’s head, ran naked, stabbed the police-safety guard, broke his steel, ran away.

I can’t (26 January 64) at 2:20 p.m. to commemorate the First World War, the First World War, the First World War, and the Second World War.

It’s been reported by the Witness Protection Unit that there

was a madman assaulting his mother at the house number one

a village house, a hospital, a medical school, a medical school

so report to the commander and check with the P.T. Vera, the senator’s literature and investigative kit.

When you get to the crime scene, it’s a single-story house

in front of the house, meet a senator or a 29-year-old Chin

sit.In naked naked, carrying a long-tailed knife

not letting anyone near, sometimes using a knife to hurt himself from questioning

Mr. Virgo, 60 years old, the head of the Mystery Rescue

revealed that a female patient was injured in a fall in the bathroom

asked for help transporting a hospital

team to rescue an unidentified 55-year-old.Head trauma and nasal arrest, frontal bleeding, so first aid.

And then he takes the wounded to the hospital.

Suddenly, the senator ran out of the house naked with a knife, attacked them, ran away.On the other hand

people saw a gun fired in the sky, made Mr. Wumi stop coming out, and

the paramedics told the police from questioning your neighbor that in

the United States, you were mentally ill from drug abuse for many years.

Auntie Anant, you didn’t take too long to boil, so you’re upset.

Grab a bottle of water that hit her mother’s head

but Aunt Anant said she fell because she didn’t want her child to be prosecuted.

Next, a set of collisions with a deadly device took control of the senator, but no consequence.The senator

with a big body, went crazy telling himself and ran into an officer until the branch that

was made of broken steel ran into the officer and had to retreat and run away from the other direction

and then walked back into the house and played the music comfortably.

Three hours later, D.A.D.D.D. took over the life of the director of the medical school

along with Mr. Foreman, a carpenter.Senior, traveling to the scene of the crime

planning to join you in celebrating the anniversary of

the homecoming and the general’s victory, tie up the knot, negotiate with the senator

who’s starting to get angry and temperamental

throw the knife in his hand and allow him to be held in custody, but vice-president

says the police will coordinate with the administration and the hospital to bring him in.Psychopaths are sick

but lack constant care.

It’s a ruse for people with psychotic siblings

who have to take care of them, or they may cause others trouble.

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