The coconut juice stream is strong, so the town’s buying proof of drinking.

The news sparked sales, the owner of the town’s coconut groceries, was delighted to see that, after selling it raw, the shopper proved his staminaire.

Given news of a young woman breaking up with a 64-year-old husband who wants to have sex five or six times a day, four times a day,At least once a day, there’s still a period of menstruation where you have to have sex once a day, and the secret to your husband’s stamina is drinking coconut water all the time.

Most recently, the reporter reported today, 10 p.m., at 2:00 p.m., a reporter went to the coconut grove. Left-hand side, J. found out that at the grocery store after the news went out, both regular female customers and new clients always came by to prove it was true, especially the wife who bought coconut water for her husband.

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