The hotel arresting officer let the kids under 18 have sex without a break.

Today, hotel on the 4th of July, Deputy Chief of Homeland Security, Wapieppoum, along with the Special Operations Officer, General Manager, arrest, 52-year-old card, manager of a hotel in one of the areas after the incident, let a young man and a woman under 18 years of age use sexual harassment.

When I checked the room, I found used condoms, alcohol, and a group of teenage boys and girls who came in late.

The police interrogated the girl, saying that after the school announced that it would go online, it was free time for her boyfriend to meet up for a drink and sleep together for 160 baht a hotel, three hours.

Initially, the hotel cardholder was charged with abetting or allowing a child under the age of 18 to behave inappropriately, or was likely to put the child at risk of committing an offence and be detained for further legal proceedings.

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