The police admitted that the police were driving the sloth truck.

A police officer took a real runaway electric-slot transfer car and set up a test board at a policeconference

that told the policeto leave for three years.

the P.D. is more of a godforsaken than a national police officer.The transfer of

a large number of electric lockers from Area 2 policestation to an unknown warehouse at

the Heavenly House of the Secret Service of the City of J.K. before being seized by

the authorities, in such a case, the fact-finding committee has been set up.This is relevant.

Whether or not to assist the authorities first is a matter for the chief executive.

Journalists are adding that the investigation suit goes into the area to collect evidence as a surveillance tape while the policetalk to the electric scooter carrier Bri.On the way to the gas station in one of the areas, Fortune Council, the Crown Prince came, and along the road that had a car led to the warehouse.

The minister insisted on a three-dimensional police reform to leave the government three years later, over 1,024 of them.

the P.D.’s got a lot of money, the god of money, the chief of policeOn Monday,the Minister praised the efforts of the policein all aspects of

the past with emphasis on speeding uppolice reform in all three dimensions: reforming the organization, reforming the law and providing civil service,and encouraging the management of all levels of government.

The policespokesman said that at the meeting, thepolice reported serious disciplinary offences.

In January of 2564 15police officers were sentenced to be dismissed from office, 14 of whom were dismissed from office, one of whom, within three years, the NationalPolice Office sentenced to death 1,024police officers for serious misconduct, divided into 2,563, 400 in 2,562, 306 and 2,561

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