Your mother, Ozzie, was delusional after eating brownies

Ms. Sharon Hoytead, mothe of Perth, Australia, has been fighting a case she filed against Nathan Sharp, owner of Daebing coffee shop, and recently filed a recent lawsuit claiming that her son was delusional from eating brownies at a coffee shop in 2562 AD.

This woman revealed that she was almost heartbroken after seeing her child and her hallucination, thinking she was mothe ill and probably never saw her children again.

Mrs. Hoystead testified to the Perth court that her father and two children were five-year-old Dr. Emily and Dr. Tom, three years old, had brownies bought from a coffee shop before he was ill, and when he was taken to the hospital, the results showed that there was marijuana in their children’s urine.

The daughter screamed for no reason.

She testified that her daughterNot long after the family came home from the shop, and when their son was asleep, the daughter screamed the loudest she had ever heard before she was sobbing.

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